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Consider the Biblical RIVER JORDAN!

Touted as a place of healing. A place where miraculous cures and healing were witnessed and a place where most would find solace, peace and relief . This is essentially the inspiration behind the River Jordan Medical Centre and Group of Hospitals.

Founded by DR. Eunice WAHOME , RJMC opened it’s doors back in 2015 and over the period it has since touched various souls and has been significant in the healing of various patients, of course with the Almighty equally being critical in such processes

Rooted in the principles of Christianity , RJMC at large has en-devoured to have a well equipped facility and has also amassed various talented professionals to help in the noble course for providing world class heath services to the people regionally.

It continues to do so to-date. And with One branch already up and running, it harbors a testimony of what lays ahead and the goal to provided excellent healthcare services.

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